One of my favorites recently actually comes from Destiny. Over my time playing the game I met some pretty cool people from all over the world. Two particular guys were from Scotland and one one had alcohol in his system he would go crazy on the mic. » 3/27/15 6:48pm Friday 6:48pm

It's a good game. A short game, yes. A repetitive game, yes. Has Bungie made a lot of awful choices? Abso-fucking-lutely. But an addictive, good game nonetheless. This is coming from somebody who "quit" once thinking I could fill the void with other games. Took about 2 months to come back with open arms. » 3/27/15 6:33pm Friday 6:33pm

The next Doom game has huge shoes to fill. Definitely one of the best games of all time. Can't believe we still haven't gotten any QuakeCon gameplay leaks » 3/27/15 1:16pm Friday 1:16pm

Thats right.. You basically have planned to spend $1300 a year on little tiny figures..the ironic part is you can probably resell them for more!

» 3/26/15 9:13pm Thursday 9:13pm