My Backlit Time Machine (Or: Today I Modded a Backlight Into a GB Pocket)

So I just finished backlighting my favorite portable console of all time: the Game Boy Pocket. But KIREEK, you're asking, why backlight the Game Boy Pocket when the Game Boy Advance SP exists? The answer to that question is quite simple. The Pocket was my first hand-held console. But it's more than that, it's actually… »8/23/14 7:33pm8/23/14 7:33pm

I'm the gay married, I don't care. not all of us turn everything into an issue. game doesn't include gay marriage? that's fine, it's their game they make it how they want. I find it more offensive that people ruin other peoples art / work / writing because they want to shove their own issues (as valid as they may be… »6/06/14 7:18pm6/06/14 7:18pm